No Asian food allowed

We’ve come across several no eating signs so far. Most of them feature a soda and a burger (in Singapore they also have chewing gum!), but this one found at the Mall of Asia Cinemas in Manila went beyond junk food. Noodles, chicken, soup, rice…

So, are burgers allowed in? I’m not sure… The caption below, “Food and drinks brought in by guests shall be subject to proper inspection by theater staff,” suggest that some kinds of food might be allowed inside, so maybe you could bring it in… Or maybe they only allow popcorn, I have no idea!

What I like so much about this sign is that the food is so typically Asian! Everything in bowls: rice, soup, noodles – with either a chopstick or a fork, no good M’am!!

Do you think this sign would get the message across in your country? Have you seen such a detailed food-related sign before?

This sign was spotted in Manila, Philippines, in 2009, and is in English.


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