No bombs? No durians!

Singapore takes the no eating signs to a whole new level with its ban on durians at train stations.

The moment I saw this sign at a train station I thought it was a joke to amuse tourists. Known as the “Fine City” for providing a variety of reasons for one to get in trouble, Singapore does cash in with its prohibiting signs (look at these magnets!). And which tourist would miss the chance of taking a photo next to a real sign forbidding a fruit?!

But it might be no joke after all. Yes, the prohibition sign which without a caption might as well be saying no to bombs is really banishing a fruit. But this is no innocent fruit… Durians are known to be very stinky – and only delectable to South East Asians – so I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy a train ride sitting next to it.

The reason why I still think there’s a chance this isn’t a real prohibition is that there’s no fine stipulated under it (even though the souvenir magnets say $500) – and in the Fine City, if it’s forbidden, a fine should be paid!

So what do you think would happen to someone bringing a durian into a Singaporean train station? Have you ever seen a sign forbidding a fruit before?

The sign and the souvenirs were spotted in Singapore in 2011 and are in English.


3 thoughts on “No bombs? No durians!

  1. Haha, this sign should be posted worldwide. If you’ve ever sat next to someone eating a durian, no fine would be high enough to justify eating those things in public!

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