A whole constitution as signs: Christiania, Denmark


There’s a tiny piece of land inside Copenhagen which claims to be independent of any governments. They say they don’t answer to Copenhagen, to Denmark, or even to the European Union. This land is called Christiania, and it composed of about 800 inhabitants. They make their own laws, which can be briefly summarized in a few signs of Do’s and Dont’s entitled “Christiania’s Common Law”.


It reads: “Christiania’s commitment is to create and sustain a self-governing community, in which everyone is free to develop and express themselves as responsible members of the community.” The Dont’s: “No weapons, no hard drugs, no violence, no private cars, no bikers colours, no bulletproof clothing, no sale of fireworks, no use of thunderflashes, no stolen goods.” The Do’s: “Love each other, play music, kiss, burp, feed your turtle, have babies, pick flowers, go to the toilet, have a bonfire.”

Part of the area became known as “The Green Light District” because marijuana is openly sold there. Giving origin to the three following rules: don’t take photos – since pot is still illegal outside their borders; don’t run – it causes panic; and, of course, have fun.
It reads: “Dear friends – There are three rules in the green light district: Have fun; Don’t run – it causes panic; No photos – buying and selling hash is still illegal.”

Quite an interesting place! The “no photos” rule is quite a bummer though… There were more interesting signs inside which I couldn’t capture. I guess you’ll have to go see them by yourself 😉


Poland – Prohibited items – Football stadium



Zabronione przedmioty
Prohibited Items


Wskaźniki laserowe
laser pointers

Butelki, puszki, kubki, dzbanki, opakowania PET, szklane
bottles, cups, jugs, cans, objects made from PET, glass

Materiały pirotechniczne

Napoje alkoholowe, narkotyki, substancje pobudzające, psychotropowe
alcohol drinks, drugs, stimulants or psychotropic substances

Materiały rasistowskie, ksenofobiczne, policzne, religijne, propagandowe
racist, xenophobic, political, religious, propaganda materials

Maszty flagowe lub banerowe o większej długości niż 1m. i średnicy niż 1cm
flagstaff max. 1m and Φ 1cm

Banery lub flagi o wymiarach większych niż 2.0 m x 1.5 m.
flagsize max. 2,0 m x 1,5 m (6.5’x5.0′)

Profesjonalne aparaty fotograficzne, kamery wideo
professional cameras, video cameras

Broń, materiały wybuchowe, noże, przedmioty, które można użyć jako broń
weapons, explosives, knives, anything that could be adapted for use as a weapon

Przedmioty, materiały komercyjne i promocyjne
promotional or commercial objects or materials

Gaz w aerozolu, substancje żrące, łatwopalne, barwniki
aerosol sprays

Pudła, torby, plecaki, walizki i inne wszelkie przedmioty większe niż 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
eg. unwidely items, large bags, etc > 25x25x25 cm

Rolki papieru, duże ilości papieru
paper rolls, large quantities of paper

Megafony, syreny, inne urządzenia emitujące dżwięk, wuwuzele
mechanical or electronic devices such as megaphones, vuvuzelas